When Communications Break Down and Assumptions are Made

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Type:  Lessons Learned

Publisher:  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (Richland WA), Richland, WA (PNNL)

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Topics:  Nuclear/Nuclear Safety, Operations, Training and Qualification, Laboratory

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's (PNNL) Radiochemical Processing Laboratory (RPL), located in the Hanford 300 Area, is a Hazard Category II Non-Reactor Nuclear Facility. Cognizant Space Managers (CSMs) are assigned to steward and oversee all activities and operations in laboratory work spaces. PNNL considers CSMs a critical component in deploying efficient and effective lab operations as they are responsible for approving all users who access lab spaces as well as the hazards that exist in those spaces. In the attached Lessons Learned article you'll read about the discovery of two RPL CSMs that had not completed one of the required RPL CSM training courses prior to being assigned the role of a CSM and what is being done to avoid a recurrence of this type of issue in the future.

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