M-43 Diesel Generator Trip Due To Loss Of Fuel Oil

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Type:  Lessons Learned

Publisher:  Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, ID

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Topics:  Electrical, Nuclear/Nuclear Safety, Engineering, Operations, Maintenance, Work Management/Planning, Heavy Equipment, Hazardous Energy Control

At the Advanced Test Reactor (ATR), the M-43 Diesel Generator suffered a loss of fuel oil pressure and tripped offline (quit running due to loss of fuel). The M-6 Emergency Diesel Generator sensed a loss of voltage and came online, replacing the output of the M-43 generator. Reactor operation was not impacted, as it had already been shut down earlier that day. Numerous factors lead up to this failure, including poor communication, a failure of procedure use and adherence, a misunderstanding of the systems, hidden system response, and lack of questioning attitude.

Read the attached lessons learned for a detailed description of each contributing factor.

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