WTP Safety Conscious Work Environment Workshop

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Type:  Video

Publisher:  Bechtel National Inc., Hanford - WTP

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Topics:  Human Resources and Leadership, Quality Assurance, Work Management/Planning

A collaborative approach between the Employee Concerns Program, the Nuclear Safety and Quality Culture Program, and the craft workforce is implemented to develop and conduct annual safety conscious work environment workshops. These workshops reinforce the roles and responsibilities of all employees in creating and maintaining a positive work environment and promote continuous improvement of the Project's Nuclear Safety and Quality Culture.

Note: This is part of a series of videos meant to be watched in order, working with the workshop materials in the .PDF. The subsequent videos start on Page 3 along with the corresponding materials.
To Open: Right Click on the Link for the video. Select "Open Link in New Tab" - This will prevent the user from having to reopen the .PDF and losing their spot in the workshop materials.

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