Threaded Collar on JLG Control Joystick Found to be Cracked

Image for Threaded Collar on JLG Control Joystick Found to be Cracked

Type:  Lessons Learned

Publisher:  Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (Princeton NJ), Princeton, NJ (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory)

Published As:  Public


Topics:  Hoisting and Rigging, Heavy Equipment

A worker noticed the spring loaded collar was loose on the Main Lift/ Swing Joystick on a JLG manlift. It is a plastic threaded collar with a set screw that holds it in place. Even after the set screw was tightened, it was noticed that the controls would respond without actuating the spring loaded collar. Lesson Learned: Even with a robust preventative maintenance and inspection program, basic operational components and safety features for powered industrial vehicles should be inspected prior to each daily use. These vehicles in some instances are subject to increase strain and stress from operation during construction or maintenance activities. In some cases monthly or weekly inspections may not identify potentially significant operational deficiencies.

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