Questioning Attitude Recognition Program

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Type:  Best Practice

Publisher:  URS CH2M Oak Ridge, Oak Ridge, TN

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Topics:  Occupational Safety and Health, Management Systems

The UCOR Questioning Attitude Recognition Program was initiated in 2014 and was designed to encourage employees to question practices and conditions that may be unsafe as well as identify non-safety related continuous improvements. Monthly and quarterly winners receive a token of appreciation. Past winners include: A building service worker noticed and reported that bags of asbestos-contaminated laundry were improperly packaged, sealed and labeled. The workers questioning attitude prevented the violation of Department of Transportation regulations; An Atomic Trades and Labor Council rigger took action to check the wind speed to help ensure the safety of workers who were operating a bucket truck during a tree trimming operation and; Two nuclear facility safety engineers, identified the possibility that a building freeze valve may not be designed to prevent the escape of hazardous gas. It was subsequently determined that the valve would not serve to prevent a release. As a result, the safety basis analysis was changed which led to the avoidance of an unevaluated hazard to employees located in the facility and a significant amount of rework, additional analysis and DOE submittals.

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