Lack of Zero Energy Verification Leads to Arc-flash Injury

Image for Lack of Zero Energy Verification Leads to Arc-flash Injury

Type:  Lessons Learned

Publisher:  Argonne National Laboratory (Lemont, IL), Z - Not Used (use Lemont, IL Instead - was Argonne, IL )

Published As:  Public


Topics:  Electrical, Hazardous Energy Control

Two employees were injured by a disruptive capacitor discharge when a resulting flash/bang occurred. The event occurred when an engineer was placing a safety shorting wire onto a capacitor terminal post following the manual discharge process. The discharge process did not include a zero-energy verification step and relied solely on a hard discharge capacitor. The event resulted in second degree burns to one engineer's left hand and ringing in the ears to the second employee following the concussive energy discharge. The incident occurred due to a failure to follow basic work planning and control and lack of communication between management, divisions and work groups.

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