Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Bulging Battery Issue

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Type:  Product Recall/Alert

Publisher:  Mission Support Alliance - MSA (Richland, WA - Hanford), Richland, WA - Hanford Site (MSA)

Published As:  Public


Topics:  Contracts and Procurement, Information Technology, Product Recalls/Alerts

A Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet battery swelled causing the display screen to separate from the tablet casing. This is the second tablet discovered with this problem at the Hanford site. MSA identified 228 Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablets in use by DOE and DOE Contractors at Hanford. Preliminary information indicates the battery swelled due to over-charging and dislodged the screen from the casing. When contacted by MSA, Microsoft stated that they created a firmware update to mitigate the primary cause of the problem.

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