Defective Swivel Hook taken out of service

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Type:  Just-In-Time Report

Publisher:  Navarro, Nevada National Security Site (NAV)


Topics:  Quality Assurance, Hoisting and Rigging

After performing a lift of mock waste, post inspection revealed damage to a swivel hook that was used. The damage was potentially identified as a Suspect Counterfeit item. After red tagging the hook and removing it out of service, it was discovered that the swivel hook lift capacity was specified at 30,000 lbs. of max lift. A dynamometer reading of 18,000 lbs. was recorded during the lift.

Analysis discovered that the bail had a forging lap. The bail should not have a forging lap. Forging laps are uncommon in Crosby forging operations but can occur. The PN 1048877 S-322CN Alloy 15t Swivel Hook with the forging lap in the bail still met catalog ultimate load performance requirements when tested. "Crosby is pleased to provide purchase credit for this particular returned swivel hook assembly. Thank you for notifying Crosby of this bail issue. The returned parts will be retained for 30 days, and discarded unless the Laboratory is notified otherwise."

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