PNNL Researcher Receives Minor Shock While Unplugging Equipment

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Type:  Lessons Learned

Publisher:  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (Richland WA), Richland, WA (PNNL)

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Topics:  Electrical, Maintenance, Laboratory, Hazardous Energy Control

A researcher placed mobile equipment in a lab in the Physical Sciences Laboratory building. He plugged the equipment's power strip into another power strip on the side of a glovebox. Another researcher needed to move the equipment a few days later. While attempting to unplug the equipment from the power strip, he had difficulty, as it was in an awkward position to reach and grasp. Although he was able to partially disconnect the 120 VAC plug, the researcher's fingers made contact with the prongs, giving him a shock.

Lessons Learned: For the safety of all staff, follow PNNL's requirements for electrical safety. This includes the avoidance of "daisy chaining", or plugging one power strip into another. If your laboratory does not provide safe and easy access to electrical outlets that are frequently used, notify your Cognizant Space Manager, Operations Manager, Line Manager, or Electrical Safety Subject Matter Expert (SME) for additional evaluation and resolution.

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