Identified Suspect/Counterfeit Bolts on Ratchet Tie Downs

Image for Identified Suspect/Counterfeit Bolts on Ratchet Tie Downs

Type:  Product Recall/Alert

Publisher:  URS CH2M Oak Ridge, Oak Ridge, TN


Topics:  Quality Assurance, Transportation and Packaging

Acting on a Department of Energy Operating Experience Level 3 Document on Suspect/Counterfeit Items and an OPEXSHARE report, URS / CH2M Oak Ridge conducted site-wide surveillances specifically designed to identify any suspect bolts associated with the use of ratchet straps. During surveillances, four legacy ratchet tie downs were discovered at the East Tennessee Technology Park that contained suspect bolts. None of the ratchet tie-downs (straps) were in use at the time of identification. These ratchet tie downs were removed from service, tagged out and Non-Conformance Reports were written and issued. The bolts lacked the required head-markings as required under the Fastener Quality Act (FQA) of June 8, 1999 (Short title: 15 United States Code 5401). Because the manufacturer of the bolts could not be determined, the recognized quality system exemption allowed under the FQA could not be invoked.

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