Mentoring And Detailed Discussions of Technical Expectations and Objectives

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Type:  Worker Feedback

Publisher:  Navarro, Nevada National Security Site (NAV)

Published As:  Public


Topics:  Environmental Protection, Human Resources and Leadership, Excavation, Confined Space

A management assessment to assess and document the effectiveness of on-the-job training and cross-training for groundwater well development and hydraulic testing operations concluded that Supervisors did not clearly understand all the technical and scientific objectives and expectations prior to beginning field work and resulted in a disadvantage and challenge when performing work and interfacing with the technical subject matter expert. Mentoring by senior management and subject matter experts prior to starting work would reduce those challenges.

Additional mentoring and detailed discussions of technical expectations and objectives should be provided by senior management and SMEs during technical kickoff meetings and pre-field briefings. These meetings should include as many of the potential supervisors and technicians that could be scheduled to perform work. The kickoff meetings provide the forum for the field staff to ask specific technical execution and conceptual questions and for the SMEs to provide well-specific objectives and mentor staff on concepts of WDT. The pre-field briefings need to include a detailed discussion of expectations on execution (e.g., timing of tasks) and reporting of data (e.g., format, storage/transmittal).

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