Field Personnel Efficiency Through Refreshers On Unique Equipment Handling

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Type:  Worker Feedback

Publisher:  Navarro, Nevada National Security Site (NAV)

Published As:  Public


Topics:  Ergonomics, Training and Qualification, Compressed Gas/Air

A management assessment was performed to assess and document the effectiveness of on-the-job training and cross-training for groundwater well development and hydraulic testing (WDT) operations for both supervisor and technician roles. The assessment concluded that due to the infrequent nature of WDT events, all field personnel (including experienced staff) require refresher on handling unique equipment and processing the unique data prior to starting field work to better mitigate issues that may arise in the field.

It is recommended for future WDT campaigns, that management factor in designated time during the required pre-field planning process to provide adequate refresher training that includes hands-on use of all unique equipment such as installing, downloading and processing transducer data; installing and processing in-line water quality instrumentation, and setting up auto-samplers. The refresher training should also include trouble shooting opportunities for all equipment. This recommended action would also apply to drilling operations that also have spans of 3+ years between campaigns and often has the need for temporary personnel to be assigned.

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