Overhead Modular Furniture Door Falls from Hinge

Image for Overhead Modular Furniture Door Falls from Hinge

Type:  Safety Bulletin/Alert

Publisher:  URS CH2M Oak Ridge, Oak Ridge, TN

Published As:  Public


Topics:  Office/Home Safety, Occupational Safety and Health, Maintenance

An employee was standing beside modular furniture with their hand resting on the top of the cabinet door. Without warning, the door weighing approximately 15lbs separated from the hinges and landed on the desktop without injury. A similar event with a similar style of modular furniture occurred when an individual was handling an overhead cabinet door and it separated from the hinges resulting in a contusion to the arm. These events are being shared, to alert others of this potential hazard and to ensure each office with overhead cabinet doors receives an evaluation by the user for any signs of missing or loose screws and/or damaged hinges. Any concerns of furniture integrity should be reported to your supervisor immediately.

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