Waste Management Aspects of Glovebox D&D Operations

Image for Waste Management Aspects of Glovebox D&D Operations

Type:  Poster

Publisher:  American Glovebox Society, Santa Rosa, CA


Topics:  Waste Management, Deactivation and Decommissioning, Glovebox & Containment Systems

At Los Alamos National Laboratory, virtually all plutonium operations occur within the Plutonium Facility at Technical Area 55. TA-55 is the nation's most modern plutonium science and manufacturing facility, and it is the only fully operational plutonium facility in the nation. To meet future mission needs, several of TA-55's plutonium laboratories need updating. But first, obsolete and redundant gloveboxes must be deconned, decommissioned, removed from the facility, and processed for disposal. Waste management aspects associated with this work require extensive planning, coordination, and compliant work execution to ensure safety to the worker, the environment, and the public.

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