Foreman and Laborer Fall when Aerial Lift Struck by Vehicle

Image for Foreman and Laborer Fall when Aerial Lift Struck by Vehicle

Type:  Safety Bulletin/Alert

Publisher:  Washington State, Department of Labor & Industries-Olympia WA

Published As:  Public


Topics:  Vehicle Safety, Hoisting and Rigging

A construction foreman died and a laborer was injured when a truck struck the elevated aerial lift platform they were working in, ejecting them from the platform. They were using a self-propelled telescopic boom-supported elevating work platform or aerial lift. The work area was about 30 feet above a single lane of an elevated exit ramp. As the foreman was positioning the platform, it was struck by a box truck traveling in the lane below. The impact spun the platform 180 degrees and ejected the workers from the platform. The foreman was thrown 50 feet horizontally, landing on a railroad track 48 feet below. He died of his injuries. The laborer fell about 10 feet and dangled from his lanyard above the road until the truck driver and a passerby helped him down. Though the two workers were wearing full body harnesses, neither of them fixed their lanyards to the approved attachment points.

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