Community Emergency Response Team Training Injury

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Type:  Lessons Learned

Publisher:  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA


Topics:  Emergency Management, Oversight

Some emergency equipment, such as emergency cots and tent awnings, have pinch points. If an emergency cot needs to be readjusted after a person is already lying on it, that person should be removed from the cot before it is readjusted.

LBNL Emergency Management conducted its fifth Community Emergency Response Team drill. During the drill, a volunteer posing as a disaster victim laid down on a cot to receive simulated medical treatment at the triage and treatment area. The leg of the cot near the head of the actor was not fully secured. When one trainee moved the cot leg to readjust it, the finger of the other trainee was pinched, which resulted in a cut on the trainee's finger.

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