FCF Hazardous Energy Identified During Breaker Maintenance

Image for FCF Hazardous Energy Identified During Breaker Maintenance

Type:  Lessons Learned

Publisher:  Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, ID

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Topics:  Electrical, Hazardous Energy Control

During preventive maintenance on a 36M breaker, at the Material and Fuels Complex Fuel Conditioning Facility, two electrical breakers were inadvertently positioned in the shut position instead of the open position during the performance of a lockout/tagout. Both the initial positioner and verifier did not identify the discrepant position of the breakers. The problem was not identified during zero energy checks due to an in-series upstream breaker under a lockout/tagout for a different work package. Additionally, the work group that walked down the lockout/tagout for acceptance did not identify the problem. A step back for all electrical work related to the breaker preventive maintenance was directed by the shift supervisor prior to re-energizing power in the facility. The step back was invoked due to a concern related to the concurrent execution of large electrical work packages impacting the entire facility.

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