Foot Fracture while Assisting with Crane Lift

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Type:  Lessons Learned

Publisher:  Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, Newport News, VA


Topics:  Work Management/Planning, Hoisting and Rigging

A Crane Operator and a lift-activity Spotter were assigned to lift an L-shaped steel fixture (approximately 850 pounds) onto an elevated steel platform (approximately 6-feet by 15-feet) using the area's overhead crane. The Spotter used a manlift to access an elevated platform. Upon reaching the platform, he exited the manlift and attached the lanyard on the platforms guardrail. When the fixture was approximately waist high, the Spotter positioned himself to one side. As the fixture was lowered the "L" arm contacted the platform deck, causing it to kick and skid. The Spotter did not have time to react and a circular flange on the fixture contacted the topside of the Spotter's safety shoe. Work planning for this task was less than adequate. The rigging plan for the fixture was insufficient as it did not take into consideration all possible hazards associated with the lift. I.e. workers failed to recognize the need for taglines which would have aided in properly guiding the load to the platform.

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