Interrupted Laptop Shutdown Can Create Heat and Fire Hazards

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Publisher:  Z - Not used - Was Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory ( see Federal Agency U. S. DOE or under DOE Contractor LL National Security), Livermore, CA

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Topics:  Office/Home Safety, Occupational Safety and Health

While on an airplane, an employee experienced an overheating ion battery after shutting down his laptop and placing it in a computer bag. Fortunately, the situation was discovered before the battery experienced a thermal runaway which can result in a fire or explosion. Closing the laptop apparently interrupted the shutdown process, and the laptop continued to run and emit heat after it was placed inside the computer bag. The close fit of the computer bag compartment, the cushioning that protects the laptop from physical damage, and the closed compartment combined to contain the heat given off by the laptop. This caused the temperature inside the compartment to increase and damage the battery.

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