Accident Investigation Report: Fatal Fall of Person - Hualapai Pit

Image for Accident Investigation Report: Fatal Fall of Person - Hualapai Pit

Type:  Report - Gov

Publisher:  U. S. Department of Labor, Mine Safety and Health Administration

Published As:  Public


Topics:  Heavy Equipment, Fall Protection, Excavation

Excavator operator was unable to effectively maintain control resulting in the excavator bucket striking the victim.

A mechanic was seriously injured at the Hualapai Sand & Gravel Pit while performing maintenance on a cone crusher. At the time of the accident, the mechanic was standing on the crusher drive belt guard. An excavator had been used to lower components into the cone crusher. The operator of the excavator stopped the work and was getting out of the cab when the excavator swung and the bucket knocked the mechanic off of the crusher. He fell approximately 11 feet to the ground, landing on his head and shoulder. The excavator operator said that he disengaged the hydraulics using the lock-out lever, got up, and began to exit the cab of the excavator. As he exited the cab, he inadvertently hit the swing arm lever, causing the hydraulics to reengage and the bucket to swing toward mechanic. Following hospitalization the mechanic succumbed to his injuries.

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