Glass Door of JLG Forklift Shatters after Striking Wheel

Image for Glass Door of JLG Forklift Shatters after Striking Wheel

Type:  Lessons Learned

Publisher:  Fluor BWXT Portsmouth, Portsmouth, OH (Fluor BWXT)

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Topics:  Operations, Hoisting and Rigging

Powered Industrial Trucks must be inspected prior to use to verify all safety devices are in place and working properly.

A Operator opened the door of a JLG construction forklift and latched it to the cab to promote better air movement in the vehicle. As the Operator turned the wheel of the forklift, it contacted the door frame, flexing the door and shattering its window. The door was missing a safety strap that would stop the door from swinging all the way open, which would have prevented the door from ever being able to get near the tire of the JLG. The window frame is the only portion that should be able to swing open and latch to the cab and the door needs to be closed for operation. A safety strap was found in the back of the cab of the JLG and it appeared that it had never been installed.

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