Lever Load Binder Fails Causing Forklift to Slide off Trailer

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Type:  Lessons Learned

Publisher:  Consolidated Nuclear Security - CNS - Bechtel, Leidos, Orbital ATK SOC Booz Allen Hamilton (Various Locations), Amarillo, TX (Consolidated Nuclear Security - CNS - Pantex Plant)

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Topics:  Vehicle Safety, Heavy Equipment

When equipment is defective or not operating properly, tag it out and notify supervision.

A forklift was secured to a lift-a-load trailer with a lever load binder. The emergency brake on the forklift was set and the trailer tailgate was raised. Upon leaving, the driver checked the mirrors and noticed the forklift was sliding backwards. The driver immediately stopped. The forklift proceeded to slide into the tailgate, breaking the winch cable that raises and lowers the tailgate where the lock pin also broke. The tailgate hit the pavement and the forklift continued to slide off the trailer onto the pavement. The truck had only moved approximately 15 feet from where the forklift was originally loaded.

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