Component Not Effectively Locked

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Type:  Lessons Learned

Publisher:  Parsons, Aiken, SC - Salt Waste Processing Facility (Parsons)

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Topics:  Electrical, Hazardous Energy Control

Devices with multiple lockout configurations may lead to ineffective lockouts.

A component used in a Lockout/Tagout was found to be ineffectively locked. Prior to starting work, the Work Group Representative walked down the LO/TO and questioned why a previously locked out chiller was racked out while the breaker was in the racked in position. Investigation determined the lock was installed with the breaker shutter window in the DOWN position and should have been in the UP position to prevent breaker operation. The event revealed an error likely situation when locking out a switchgear in that the same switchgear breaker component (shutter) has two different positions for LOTO depending on whether the breaker is racked in or racked out. This error likely situation can be eliminated by establishing a consistent protocol to support LOTO that is consistent with vendor requirements and recommendations.

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