Fluorescent Light Fixture Cover Detachment Issue

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Type:  Lessons Learned

Publisher:  Savannah River Nuclear Solutions - SRNS, Savannah River Site (SRNS)

Published As:  Public


Topics:  Occupational Safety and Health, Maintenance, Product Recalls/Alerts

Inadequately fitted fluorescent light fixture covers can detach and fall putting employees at a risk for injury.

The Savannah River Site recently experienced fluorescent light fixture lens covers detaching from the fixtures and falling to the floor. This has occurred on two separate occasions and in two different trailers. The Solid Waste Management Facility has instituted a practice of attaching plastic wire ties around each lens cover to ensure a secure fit and keep it in place during working and non-working hours to ensure employee safety. Each fixture receives two wire ties per lens that wrap around the lens and between the light fixture itself and the ceiling.

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