Emergency Light Fixture Issue

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Type:  Lessons Learned

Publisher:  Savannah River Nuclear Solutions - SRNS, Savannah River Site (SRNS)

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Topics:  Electrical, Work Management/Planning, Hazardous Energy Control

Emergency light fixtures may have exposed energized conductors that can come in contact with hardware such as mounting screws. Manufacturer instructions for isolating power to the unit should be followed.

During removal of the mounting bracket on a Lithonia Model ELM2 emergency light unit, the bottom mounting screw came in contact with the spring clips that hold the incoming wires in place on the mounting bracket and a spark occurred that melted the clip off the wire and damaged the mounting bracket and the bottom screw. The mechanic inadvertently entered the prohibited approach boundary (1 inch for 277 V) when loosening the bottom screw. The emergency light unit had not been locked out because of the presence of a quick disconnect plug in the junction box behind the light. The intent was that the plug could be used to isolate the emergency light fixture for its replacement with no lockout needed. However, since the spring clips were not obvious as they are mostly obscured behind a plastic bracket, it was not recognized that there was the potential for hazardous energy exposure during the evolution.

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