Understanding the Importance of Hold Points

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Type:  Lessons Learned

Publisher:  Z - Not used - Was Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory ( see Federal Agency U. S. DOE or under DOE Contractor LL National Security), Livermore, CA

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Topics:  Operations, Radiation Protection, Laboratory

LLNL experienced recent events in which hold points intended to limit activities in response to discovered radiological were not followed. In one event an individual proposed applying a decontamination gel to temporarily "fix" the contaminant in place. Nobody discussed whether this action was allowed by or consistent with any work document because it was mistakenly assumed that this technique was a allowed by the procedure. The gel was applied and it was later determined that this action possibly dispersed the contaminant to the floor and, as a result, outside this laboratory. The resulting spread of contamination led to a review and corrective actions which impacted operations for weeks.

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