Due diligence in the performance of rigging inspections

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Publisher:  Consolidated Nuclear Security - CNS - Bechtel, Leidos, Orbital ATK SOC Booz Allen Hamilton (Various Locations), Oak Ridge, TN (Consolidated Nuclear Security - CNS - Y12 National Security Complex)

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Topics:  Operations, Training and Qualification, Hoisting and Rigging

Ironworkers felt something odd (knot) inside the sling as they were performing their visual and hand-over-hand inspections of a slings. The sling was taken out of service and brought to the attention of the General Foreman. Industrial Safety requested the manufacturer to perform an evaluation of the sling material and provide a complete report to determine the condition of the sling in question and identify any manufacturing issues or if the sling was manufactured consistent with the manufactures standard process.

The manufacturer responded that during the fabrication process of round slings, many knots are tied within the sling. The first knot is to bring the first core yarn into the sling. Additional knots may be used to tie bundles together or when finishing the sling. These practices have been tested and meet the requirements of the manufacturers internal procedures as well as national standards

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