Weld Record Deficiencies Results in Re-work

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Type:  Lessons Learned

Publisher:  Parsons, Salt Waste Processing Facility

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Topics:  Construction/Project Management, Quality Assurance, Transportation and Packaging, Welding/Hot Work - Grinding, Oversight

Radiography activities at the SWPF are performed by a subcontractor with oversight from the prime contractor. A surveillance of radiographic records conducted in 2014 identified deficiencies including missing original radiographic images and issues with computed radiography implementation. The extent of condition review ultimately identified the need to re-perform radiography of approximately 1400 welds. Previous audits of welding records by the prime contractor failed to identify the missing or inadequate radiographic images. This appears to be a result of auditors focusing on ensuring the radiographic technique level II and III examiners had the proper training, qualification, and certification and not performing a sufficiently in-depth review of the records to identify the issues discussed above. Lessons Learned: Rigorous oversight of subcontractor activities is needed to ensure quality records document the work was performed in accordance with requirements. The frequency and depth of review should be increased when processes change. Procedures/instructions need to include appropriate steps for activities that affect or are important in demonstrating quality. Sufficient checks and balances need to be in place to identify and minimize the consequence of errors. When auditing records ensure review is of sufficient depth and includes work details. Do not solely rely on the individuals that created the records possessing current qualifications/certifications.

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