Receiving High Shallow Dose Rates

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Type:  Best Practice

Publisher:  Wastren Advantage, Inc., Hanford/222S Laboratory

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Topics:  Training and Qualification, Radiation Protection, Laboratory

Radiological Control management advised analytical management of a concern that an employee had potentially been exposed to considerably high shallow dose rates. Based on limited information, analytical management considered similar work assignments and discovered that a second employee had performed sample preparation/digestions the same day on this same project, and a third had recently performed acid digest on this project. During the performance of these particular analyses there were multiple times that the analysts handled sample materials directly on contact with the container without recognizing the need to obtain a contact dose rate.

Best Practice: In the wake of this event, workers, supported by management, found creative extension tools and moldable tungsten impregnated silicon to heighten ALARA practices and mitigate future occurrences.

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