Empty Drum Falls Off Truck During Transport

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Type:  Lessons Learned

Publisher:  Washington Closure Hanford, Richland, WA

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Topics:  Vehicle Safety, Operations, Transportation and Packaging

Inadequate securement led to load shift causing a 85 gallon drum to fall during transport on a public roadway. Several pallets of new drums were being transported using a flatbed truck instead of the usual enclosed truck bed. Twice after traveling only a short distance, the teamster realized the load was shifting and stopped to re-secure the load. Both attempts to re-secure the load failed and one drum eventually fell off the truck. Failure to recognize changed conditions, and then applying an inaccurate risk assessment, resulted in relaxed safety conditions and a potentially serious accident.

Lessons Learned Whenever the circumstances for a given task change, work should always be stopped until the risks associated with the activity can be reassessed and controlled. When uncertain about the circumstances, processes, or objectives of the task at hand, stop and obtain clarification and guidance from someone equipped to provide it.

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