Specific Administrative Control Adherence

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Type:  Lessons Learned

Publisher:  URS CH2M Oak Ridge, Oak Ridge, TN

Published As:  Public


Topics:  Nuclear/Nuclear Safety, Operations, Transportation and Packaging

First time evolutions that contain critical steps should be performed with adequate oversight and the procedures or work packages should be continuous use and performed step by step.

A Technical Safety Requirement (TSR) Violation occurred when Waste Disposition Operations personnel failed to meet a Specific Administrative Control while performing a waste drum receipt at the 7572 CH-TRU Waste Storage Facility. The TSR requires that vehicles associated with a staging activity shall be parked a minimum of 25 feet from waste drums with the engines shut off unless the drums are in a closed Sealand or Intermodal. The Supervisor of the drum receipt activity failed to have the tractor portion of the tractor-trailer rig disconnected from the trailer prior to having the Intermodal opened for the drum receipt activity. As a result, the tractor was within 25 feet of waste drums in an open Intermodal.

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