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Publisher:  Z - Not used - was Sandia National Laboratories - CA (Use Sandia National Lab instead), Z - Not used - was Livermore, Calif (register under Sandia Nat Lab Company instead)

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Topics:  Chemical Safety, Occupational Safety and Health, Operations, Laboratory

A recent eye injury is suspected of being the result of using a non-vapor venting bottle to dispense solvents. The following information is intended to encourage conversation and action to prevent further employee injury.

While a lab worker moved a non-vapor venting squirt bottle containing acetone from one counter to another, a small quantity of the solvent was unexpectedly discharged from the bottle, splashing the worker. Although the worker was wearing the proper side-shielded safety glasses, some of the acetone splashed underneath the eyewear, entering the workers eye and causing minor irritation. It is believed that a vapor pressure build-up within the bottle inadvertently discharged a small quantity of the solvent which splashed onto the worker.

Recommendation: To prevent similar injuries, it is strongly recommended that all non-vapor venting squirt or wash bottles be replaced with vapor venting bottles as soon as possible.Vapor venting squirt or wash bottles feature a two-way vent valve that prevents vapor pressure build-up, reducing the potential for drips and leaks.

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