First Alert - Electric Arc Caused When Disconnecting a Meltric Connector

Image for First Alert - Electric Arc Caused When Disconnecting a Meltric Connector

Type:  Just-In-Time Report

Publisher:  Savannah River Nuclear Solutions - SRNS, Savannah River Site (SRNS)

Published As:  Public


Topics:  Electrical, Maintenance, Work Management/Planning

This First Alert is being issued to alert personnel of an event found where an electrical arc occurred while unplugging parallel line power connectors to a portable container system. The first of three cables was unplugged successfully from the trailer. While unplugging the second cable, the metal housing of the connector receptacle contacted one of the energized prongs which resulted in an arc and could have resulted in an electrical shock.

The use of Meltricor other similar type cable connectors in parallel configuration may create a path for voltage through each parallel cable until all cables have been disconnected. When disconnecting or connecting any single connector used in a parallel configuration, the plug end (inlet) may be energized and could present an electrical hazard if exposed. In these situations, steps must be taken to ensure all parallel cables are de-energized prior to disconnecting or connecting.

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