Prior Success Does Not Eliminate Hazards

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Type:  Lessons Learned

Publisher:  Washington Closure Hanford, Richland, WA

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Topics:  Vehicle Safety, Work Management/Planning, Transportation and Packaging, Heavy Equipment

A roll-on/roll-off (RO/RO) truck went out of service and needed to be towed to an on-site repair facility. Towing of the RO/RO truck to the maintenance facility was performed using a half-ton pickup truck and 30-foot tow strap. While traveling to the shop at approximately 3 - 5 mph, slack developed in the tow line and the RO/RO truck ran over the strap, causing the tow vehicle to stop suddenly. As a result, the RO/RO truck rolled into the pickup truck, causing minor cosmetic damage. This task has been performed previously many times without issue; however, as the task was not proceduralized, all possible hazards may not have been identified as required by the Washington Closure Hanford Integrated Work Control Program (IWCP).

Lessons Learned:
  • Prior success in completing tasks does not ensure future success.
  • Ensure all hazards associated with work activities are thoroughly analyzed prior to performing tasks.
  • Share knowledge between contractors and subcontractors.

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