Lever-arm chain binder operation safety concerns

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Type:  Lessons Learned

Publisher:  BWXT Idaho, Idaho-BWXT

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Topics:  Vehicle Safety, Transportation and Packaging, Hoisting and Rigging, Heavy Equipment

Ten DOE injury incidents provide the lessons in this document. The consequences of these events ranged from lacerations to broken bones, and could have been worse had individuals had their faces turned in a slightly different direction. The use of "cheater bars" was a significant contributor to the overall problem because they enable more energy to be stored in the binder than is possible using only the binders handle. Training is one of the elements most needed to help reduce the number of injuries from chain binders and should possibly be considered for a broader audience. Lessons Learned: Lever-arm chain binders, typically used to secure loads on trucks and trailers, pose a significant personal safety hazard. Persons who need to install or release binders should be trained in their safe use. Administrative controls and engineering fixes should be considered to improve chain binder operational safety.

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