Proper Storage and Maintenance of Records

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Publisher:  Z - Not used - Was Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory ( see Federal Agency U. S. DOE or under DOE Contractor LL National Security), Livermore, CA

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Topics:  Environmental Protection, Operations, Management Systems, Work Management/Planning

A building at LLNLs main site underwent clean-up operations to prepare for a building repurposing project. In the process, multiple regulatory-required logbooks associated with underground storage tanks were mistakenly removed and thrown in the buildings dumpster. These logbooks contain multiple years of monitoring data and meet the criteria for being a record. A facility employee discovered that these records were missing during a daily inspection. The employee and other facility personnel responded quickly, and all records were retrieved before the end of the day.

Personnel who create records as defined by federal, state, or local regulations or contract requirements must ensure that they are managed and appropriately protected as long as required for use and retention.
1. Consider labeling records in a manner that allows all personnel to
easily identify them as records,
find the custodian (e.g., identify by function or position instead of a named individual),
2. Place records in a safe designated area relevant to the work and equipment documented in the

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