Just-In-Time Report: Faulty Switch Enclosure Identified

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Type:  Just-In-Time Report

Publisher:  CH2MHill Plateau Remediation Company (Richland, WA - Hanford Site), Richland, WA - Hanford Site (CHPRC)

Published As:  Public


Topics:  Electrical, Operations, Hazardous Energy Control

Following a recent installation of a locking device, a device challenge was performed with an unexpected result. During the device challenge performed in accordance with Hanford Site Lock and Tag Program requirements. The worker attempted to move the switch lever against the hasp of the lock and heard a sound similar to that of a switch closing. The operator immediately stopped the challenge and notified the supervisor of the discovery. The Lock and Tag process was stopped with the switch in the off position.

After further investigation, it was determined that the disconnect switch contacts were not actually completing the circuit and the sound detected by the operator had originated from a faulty switch cover. Other disconnect switches were inspected and no other problematic switch covers were identified.

  • Check similar disconnect switch enclosures for similar faulty behavior
  • Functionally test new disconnect switch enclosures after installation to ensure a locking device prevents inadvertent operation

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