Manipulator Dislodges Lockout Device from Breaker

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Type:  Lessons Learned

Publisher:  Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, ID

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Topics:  Electrical, Operations, Laboratory

A Lockout/Tagout was applied to a breaker controlling electrical energy to glove-box switches. After maintenance workers left the work area an operator moved the manipulator arm to its locked/storage location. The following day maintenance employees returned to the job site and discovered that the Lockout/Tagout device was not attached to the breaker. Post-event re-creation and testing determined that the manipulator arm could not be placed in its storage location without interfering with the Lock and Tag configuration as installed.

Lessons Learned: Job planning did not identify special circumstances and/or conditions - the conflict between placement of the Lockout/Tagout device and the manipulator arm, when the arm is placed in the locked position, was not recognized. Job planning did not include an evaluation of the workspace where the Lockout/ Tagout device would be placed. The work order focused solely on the location where the work was to be conducted. Placement of a Lockout/Tagout device is the responsibility of the organization conducting the work.

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