Industry Cumulative Impact Short-Term Actions

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Type:  Report - Private

Publisher:  Institute of Nuclear Power Operations, Atlanta, GA

Published As:  Public


Topics:  Human Resources and Leadership, Performance Measurement, Management Systems, Strategic Planning, Work Management/Planning

The nuclear industrys chief nuclear officers have expressed a growing concern that the accumulation of improvement initiatives, process controls, and other administrative requirements placed on the industry over the years is impeding the effectiveness of plant supervisors and managers to efficiently manage the industrys nuclear power plants. Many of the CNOs believe this inefficiency has reached the point where sustaining high levels of plant performance is challenged.

This report contains guidance on short-term actions that stations should consider taking to address adverse cumulative impacts. This guidance was developed by cross-discipline teams sponsored by the Chief Nuclear Operators and is fully aligned with the industry cumulative impact initiative objective to "improve industry standards, processes, and behaviors to better enable station leaders to lead their staffs in the safe, reliable, and efficient operation and maintenance of the plant."

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