SAFETY ALERT - Journey Management

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Type:  Safety Bulletin/Alert

Publisher:  Buildsafe South Africa, Dubai, UAE

Published As:  Public


Topics:  Emergency Management, Vehicle Safety, Transportation and Packaging

While driving we came across a miracle right after it happened. A driver was proceeding from George towards Oudtshoorn when a KUDU [antelope] suddenly sprang from the bush and jumped right before the car. It was killed on impact.

Not only did it hit his car, it smashed the windscreen, tore a section of the roof away and flew right through the car, blowing open the rear hatch. The driver ducked instinctively as it happened and was able to avoid most of the carnage. He also held tightly onto the steering wheel, suffering only slight injury to one hand and a whack to the face from the airbag. When he lifted his head he was on the gravel on the wrong side of the road where he was able to stop the car without losing control.

This is one of those rare unpreventable accidents that need to be planned for, even if it cannot be prevented. If you, through work or pleasure, have to travel long distances then ensure you are prepared.

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