Incorrect Flammability Classification on Tank 22

Image for Incorrect Flammability Classification on Tank 22

Type:  Lessons Learned

Publisher:  Savannah River Remediation, Savannah River, SC

Published As:  Public


Topics:  Environmental Protection, Nuclear/Nuclear Safety, Operations, Management Systems, Training and Qualification, Oversight

Savannah River Remediation failed to adequately maintain/evaluate waste stream influents to the tank farms for all parameters needed for determining the flammability category of the receipt waste tanks.

Multiple programs requiring (different) sampling data and analysis associated with tank farm influent waste streams were not sufficiently integrated, and controlled, to ensure all required tank characterizations were being performed and adequately applied to all programs. No program or process existed requiring a consolidated, technically rigorous verification that all data was being applied by the multiple programs. An effective process was not in place to periodically assess the accuracy of all influent receipt tank contents/levels/constituents. Annual evaluations of waste characterization data were limited to verification of data integrity. There was no evidence that the process for the management of the characterization of changes to influent waste tank constituents was subject to either self or independent assessments.

Lessons Learned: All changes impacting tank inventory must be sufficiently investigated such that the cause is understood and the impact defined.

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