Effective Use of Stop Work Leads to Improvements in Retrieval Process

Image for Effective Use of Stop Work Leads to Improvements in Retrieval Process

Type:  Lessons Learned

Publisher:  Idaho Treatment Group, Idaho-ITG

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Topics:  Waste Management, Work Management/Planning, Radiation Protection

Employ stop work when conditions unexpectedly change

While performing Waste Container Retrieval Operations, it was discovered that point source ventilation air movers were not functioning as required, which caused an increase in airborne contamination levels. Additionally, ergonomic concerns were identified and a stop work was initiated.

Post event investigation revealed that there was no methodology for determining point source ventilation use; noise conditions within the contamination enclosure preclude audio determination. Ventilation was lost due to overload of an electrical outlet with a subsequent breaker trip. Ergonomic concerns were addressed with procurement of better tooling. Procurement of better manual waste repackaging tools is an ongoing process due to innate uncertainty regarding waste object weight and shape during repackaging.

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