Severe Accident at ORNL Excess Property Sales - a Message from Injured Employee

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Type:  Lessons Learned

Publisher:  Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN

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Topics:  Occupational Safety and Health, Operations, Material Handling/Storage

On March 31, 2014, an Oak Ridge National Laboratory employee was severely injured when a 1,585 lb. scattering chamber on a stand with wheels overturned while it was being moved down a ramp into the bed of a box truck. The scattering chamber tipped over and onto the Salvage Handler in the path of travel, pinning him underneath. Staff from within the facility responded immediately, removed the scattering chamber from the injured employee, and rendered aid.

The injuries were extremely serious and the employee suffered multiple fractures and lacerations. The employees convalescence up to this point has been brutal and its not over yet - every day is a challenge. His life is forever changed. "Im not the same human I was six months ago," says the employee. "Its a hard pill for me to swallow."

He has returned to work and has two messages for his fellow workers. The first message was to thank his fellow employees for the overwhelming show of support. "The kindness, love and support shown by my work family - money cant buy that stuff," he said. "I realize how lucky I am that I got a regular family and a work family, people who really care about your well-being." The second message he wants to relay to his fellow workers is that we need to get our safety mojo back. "Weve got to create a new safety culture," he said.

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