Situation Awareness - Preventing Injuries, Accidents, and Property Damage

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Type:  Lessons Learned

Publisher:  Mission Support Alliance - MSA (Hanford), Hanford Site (MSA)

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Topics:  Vehicle Safety, Occupational Safety and Health

Situation awareness was the common factor leading to vehicle accidents, personnel injuries, and property damage. The majority of the vehicle accidents were due to a lack of situational awareness by vehicle operators. The majority of the personnel injuries were due to situational awareness- employees not watching what they were doing or poor decision making. And the majority of property damage was due to attention or awareness of conditions by the driver or the equipment operator.

Lessons Learned: Vehicle Operators must focus on the physical environment in relation to the vehicle prior to vehicle operation. A lack of ergonomic assessments, training, as well a lack of warm-up and conditioning are the main contributors leading to ergonomic injuries. Management oversight of compliance to procedures, use of PPE, and identification of hazards by management will help prevent or mitigate injuries. Having an effective feedback process will support and demonstrate the philosophy that all accidents are preventable.

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