Value of Implementing Plan of the Day Meetings is Demonstrated at BNL

Image for Value of Implementing Plan of the Day Meetings is Demonstrated at BNL

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Publisher:  Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY

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Topics:  Operations, Management Systems, Work Management/Planning

In October 2010, Brookhaven National Laboratorys (BNL) Facility & Operations (F&O) Directorate implemented Integrated Facility Management (IFM) to improve facility mission readiness, better support our customers, and improve operational efficiency.

IFM decentralized BNLs facility maintenance activities by dividing the 5,265-acre site into four primary complexes, in addition to an Energy & Utilities Complex, which is structured slightly differently. Each Complex has its own management and core teams, who are responsible for authorizing, prioritizing, planning, executing, and accepting work. Each core team includes Facility Project Managers, a Facility Complex Engineer, Planner(s)/Scheduler(s), ESH Representative, Multi Trade Supervisor(s), and multiple trades people. Complexes are supported by Site Resources centralized functions, such as custodial services, riggers, and heavy equipment maintenance.

Lessons Learned: There was a positive response to the POD meeting from all involved with little resistance in making the POD routine. Feedback from attendees indicated that the POD provided a good means for communicating information across F&O on a daily basis, helped team building by having all disciplines within a Complex meeting daily, and fostered camaraderie. It also proved to be an excellent venue for exercising positive accountability (celebrating success). Senior F&O Management attendance at the POD meetings reinforced their importance and provided an informal venue for discussions with staff in small groups.

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