Protection of Plastic Wrapped Radioactive Material

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Type:  Lessons Learned

Publisher:  Savannah River Remediation, Savannah River, SC

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Topics:  Transportation and Packaging, Material Handling/Storage, Radiation Protection

During the movement and handling of the three motor air pumps, the plastic containment on one motor air pump was breached. The breached contaminment was not detected during the handling of the motor air pumps. Seven individuals were discovered to have contamination on their shoes with the maximum contamination level being 100,000 dpm/100cm2 beta-gamma. Follow-up surveys were performed and contamination was identified at the CDMC stepoff pad as well as a breach in the plastic wrapping surround one motor air pump.

Lessons Learned: In order to better protect plastic containment on heavy and/or awkward shaped equipment, additional protection in the form of padding, launderable tarps, laundry bags, canvas tarps, lifting bags, etc. should be used to protect the plastic barrier providing contamination control.

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