Drum Lifting Strap Web Wear

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Type:  Lessons Learned

Publisher:  URS CH2M Oak Ridge, Oak Ridge, TN

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Topics:  Waste Management, Transportation and Packaging, Hoisting and Rigging, Material Handling/Storage

Drum webs are used to support the ORNL Waste Disposition Operations unvented drum process. The last large campaign for drum web use involved venting of over 400 drums in 2010 and the supporting drum webs were placed in storage until needed again. During an annual inspection to place these back into service, a UCOR rigging inspector identified a common frayed wear pattern causing about 50% of the webs to fail the inspection. An evaluation was performed to determine if there was a design flaw, but the webs appeared to meet design requirements for their intended use.

Lessons Learned: The weight of the drum web ratchet is heavy enough to cause a non-uniform alignment if allowed to free hang during tightening of the web around the drum, which can lead to accelerated wear on the web section in the ratchet assembly. Accelerated wear can be reduced by supporting the weight of the ratchet while tightening in a manner that ensures web is centered on the ratchet pin to eliminate the top twist that can get caught between the pin and ratchet housing where it could experience a chewing effect that damages the web enough to warrant removal from service.

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