Worker Fractures Fingers Operating Aging, Infrequently Used Valve

A worker injured their right hand while operating a valve, when the valve drive bushing failed. The failure resulted in the worker's hand being caught between an adjacent pipe and the wrench being used to operate the valve. The worker immediately sustained bone fractures to the tips of the middle and ring fingers of their right hand. Routine preven...

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Southern Nuclear Company Vogtle Unit 2 Outage

Unlike typical cleanup projects, or facility decommissioning and demolition work, the projects and maintenance programs performed at nuclear power generation stations are performed during a regularly scheduled outage. These outages are when the reactor is taken offline for a short period of time to accommodate refueling and work activities. Outages...

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DOE Operating Experience Level 3 - Ladder Safety

The attached Operating Experience Level 3 document provides information about a safety concern related to workers who use ladders during work at Department of Energy facilities. This OE-3 discusses recent DOE events that involve fall protection issues or injuries while workers use or descend from ladders and associated corrective actions. In additi...

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EM Day in the Life - Hanford Site Ray Lemmons

EM launched a new video series September 8, 2016 taking viewers inside the activities of individual workers as they share their accomplishments and perspectives. EMs cleanup story is portrayed through the lens of workers in the "Day in the Life" videos. The first documentary-style video in the series stars a Richland Operations Office radiological...

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Shattered Dreams: Distracted Driving Changes Lives

This video sends a powerful message about the lives destroyed by distracted driving.
On June 30, 2014, Chris Weber picked up his cell phone while driving in Rock County to make a bank transaction. His choice led to the crash that killed Andrea Boeve, a mother of two who was bicycling with her young daughters at the time. The video includes interv...

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Success Stories

Mechanical Door Failure Operating Experience Prevents Possible Injury

After receiving and sharing OE-3-2014-03, "Mechanical Door Failures," in March of 2015, measures were put into place at the Idaho National Laboratory to ensure that employees were not in the direct line of fire in case of door failure. The measures prevented personnel from being injured on October 26th, 2015, when a overhead door sprocket came loose and door dropped to the floor. The corrective measures that were put into place, along with effective communication of those measures, is credited with the prevention of possible injury to workers in the area when the sprocket fell to the floor.   

Leaking Radioactive Source Identified Prior to Shipping off Site 

Responding positively and appropriately to DOE Operating Experience prevented a leaking exempt C-14 radioactive source from leaving the Idaho National Laboratory, thereby avoiding the likely potential for off-site spread of contamination at a local high school.

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Information related to products that have been formally recalled either by a defined company or in conjunction with the consumer products safety commission.

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