About Us

A Tool For Achieving Operational Excellence

OPEXSHARE (opexshare.doe.gov) supports the implementation of the U.S. Department Energy’s Corporate Operating Experience Program. This information and collaboration resource supports the DOE wide program for the management of operating experience complex-wide to prevent adverse operating incidents and facilitate the sharing of good work practices among DOE sites.

One-Stop Document Resource

OPEXSHARE.doe.gov is a one-stop resource for the most current and historical operating experience information. This comprehensive library contains various types of content that cover all elements and disciplines for the whole user community.

  • Article templates and guidelines for developing lessons learned, best practices, and other documents
  • Short summaries highlighting lessons learned/best practices or innovative ideas submitted by members
  • Subscription-only email updates on topic-specific content
  • System tools that allow tracking, trending of content internalization
  • News and Video content of current operating experience events

Collaboration Tools

OPEXSHARE provides collaboration and networking tools to enable members to connect directly to others involved in the use of operating experience. Through this direct collaboration, members can benefit from each other’s experience and institutional knowledge. These tools include:

Find peers and operating experience coordinators and develop connections through the Member Directory.

Share content and facilitate communication among group members.

Provide comments on specific content and read other’s comments.

Submit new content directly to the operating experience program.

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